Compare The Most 3 Trusted Analytics Platforms

Data often drives our decision-making – and that is a good thing. After all, research shows that organizations that rely on data have a 23-fold higher chance of gaining new customers, are six times more likely to keep existing clients, and are 19 times more prone to achieving profitability.

That is why analytics platforms are such an important tool for any business in this digital age. These are the tools that hold together various facets of a business and enable leaders to make strategic choices that are based on fact-based insightful data. This can be helpful in many areas – understanding consumer behavior, optimizing marketing campaigns, or even forecasting revenue. Big data analytics make it possible. That is why an analytics platform is truly indispensable for any company that is serious about their growth and success.

For businesses that are always in the fast lane of innovation and competition, choosing the right analytics platform becomes even more significant. A wrong choice could mean lost opportunities and a significant dent in ROI. Therefore, we want to compare the most trusted analytics platforms that can support you (and your company as a whole) in making an informed decision. Read on to find out how you can enhance your analytics and business strategies and gain a real competitive advantage in the market.

GA360 Explained


We have to start with Google Analytics when it comes to analytics and data. This is the tool that most businesses and marketers are aware of – even when they might not be aware of the many features and benefits that are hidden in this analytics giant.

First of all, what is GA360? It is the paid version of Google Analytics and it is a real treasure trove of features that are all designed to offer actionable insights. The features range from Unsampled Reports and BigQuery Export to Data-Driven Attribution.

We would not be able to list them all since GA360 offers so many unique functionalities in addition to standard analytical tools, it is hard to keep up with all of them.

These tools are essential in the realm of data in analytics and can equip companies with the precise resources they need for robust data-driven strategies.


The capabilities of GA360 go beyond mere number-crunching. It also excels in analytics and digital marketing, with seamless integrations with Google Marketing Platform products and third-party platforms like Salesforce.

These integrations empower analytics teams to analyze marketing data effectively and are great for businesses that are already using these third-party platforms like Salesforce as part of their business operations.

Additionally, features like Shared Audiences and Hit-Level Data offer refined strategies that can significantly increase the efficiency and impact of marketing campaigns.

GA360 Dashboard

Example of a complete customer journey funnel in Google Analytics 360, combining website data (pageviews, leads submitted) with pipeline data from Salesforce (lead and opportunity stages), along with a prompt to create a new audience segment to take action.

How It Can Benefit Your Company

When it comes to growing companies with even more potential, the need for analytics and business insights undeniably is paramount.

GA360 is of great use and value to these companies since it offers enterprise analytics features that align with the complex needs of these global giants. For instance, GA360 has reporting advancements that provide advanced reports and custom funnel reporting options that are particularly valuable for these corporations.

Also, its analytics and marketing tools are geared to handle the scale and complexity that bigger companies demand. It is a tool that any successful company would not want to miss out on.

Adobe Analytics – Powerful and Versatile


Now, we cannot talk about analytics tools and forget about Adobe. Adobe Analytics is more than just an analytics platform.

It is a full-fledged advanced analytics consultancy service that offers a plethora of features, all of which are designed to elevate businesses’ data capabilities – and it does so very effectively.

These features range from Multichannel Data Collection which gathers data from a variety of sources like web, mobile, and connected cars, to Unique Processing Rules allowing customized data processing.

Adobe Analytics truly embodies the essence of analytics and data and can help any business – no matter the size and industry – seriously level up in terms of growth and customer satisfaction.


As one of the leading analytics consulting companies, Adobe Analytics isn’t limited to just data collection. It goes a step further by offering marketing analytics as a platform with features that extend to data governance consulting services.

Notably, its advanced segmentation and ad hoc and cohort analysis tools provide businesses with the ability to dissect their data like never before. This level of detail is especially useful in the field of analytics in digital marketing.

Adobe Analytics Workplace

Example of a cohort analysis tool in adobe analytics platform which include only visits during which orders were placed during the time range of the cohort analysis will be included in the cohort.

It allows brands to understand their customers better, which in turn allows for more targeted marketing and happier (and returning) customers.

How It Can Benefit Your Company

How can Adobe Analytics benefit your company, specifically? Adobe Analytics offers a suite of services that not only match but often surpass the expectations associated with analytics and business.

Its predictive analytics tools, like Marketing Attribution and Anomaly Detection, provide enterprises and businesses like yours with the kind of insights that are invaluable in today’s data-driven world.

It also offers data and analytics companies an unmatched range of advanced features like intelligent alerts and real-time data for more timely and effective decision-making. It’s hard to beat that.

Aloola – An Adobe Partner

One of the many advantages of Aloola is its partnership with Adobe.

As a trusted partner, Aloola complements Adobe’s offerings, which makes it easier for your company to get end-to-end analytics solutions. We specialize in digital analytics consulting, and with Adobe Analytics, we form a powerful duo that can help your organization achieve its digital marketing goals.

To learn more, see Our Partnership with Adobe.

Amplitude Analytics – From Data to Growth


Amplitude Analytics is not just another analytics and data platform. It’s a very robust engine that is designed for product analytics.

Its key offerings consist of features like the Growth Discovery Engine and Real-Time Analytics – it predicts behaviors that lead to customer retention and growth.

Additionally, it provides valuable metrics such as retention rates, revenue analysis, funnels, and user segmentation. Amplitude functions as an analytics-as-a-platform service that helps businesses evolve based on data-driven strategies.


When it comes to capabilities, Amplitude Analytics holds its own as one of the best digital marketing software platforms in the industry.

Its Microscope Feature allows for in-depth scrutiny of user behavior behind any data point. This feature also enables businesses to make comparisons between churned and engaged users. When we look at what this tool can do even further, we see that its Data Collection and Analysis transforms raw data into actionable insights.

This reinforces its role in analytics for enterprises & analytics in digital marketing – it’s not a tool that is to be overlooked.

Amplitude Analytics

Example of a Microscope Feature that enables you to dig deeper into a specific data point in Amplitude analytics platform

How It Can Benefit Your Company

Amplitude Analytics serves a diverse client base, including all kinds of companies from various sectors.

This platform specializes in enterprise analytics and can even be considered a top choice among healthcare analytics consultants.

With a quarterly growth rate of over 30%, it’s no surprise that businesses at the scale of PayPal, Microsoft, and Shopify rely on Amplitude for their analytics and business needs.

Its features like Retention Analysis and User Cohorting allow these large enterprises to measure and group user behaviors. This also adds a layer of customization that is crucial for their scale of operations.

The possibilities and knowledge it provides businesses with are not to be ignored – they are integral to effective data implementation. This sets Amplitude Analytics apart from competitors.

And it can help you set your company apart from your competitors.

Find The Best Tool for You with Aloola by Your Side

Making the right choice for an analytics tool that compliments your company is not just a decision – it’s an investment for the future of your business.

After reading this business intelligence tools comparison where we have introduced you to the best analytics platforms and their features, you now have a good idea of how three trusted analytics platforms can benefit you: GA360, Adobe Analytics, and Amplitude Analytics. Each brings its own set of features and capabilities to the table. They all address different aspects of analytics and business.

GA360 excels in providing a thorough view of analytics and data, with a focus on marketing applications.

Adobe Analytics stands out with its advanced metrics and extensive capabilities, and it offers a nuanced approach for businesses that are seeking a more customizable experience.

Finally, Amplitude Analytics brings real-time analytics to the forefront and provides actionable insights that are designed to improve customer retention and drive growth.

Are you still not sure which analytics platform is right for you?

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