Aloola announces the opening of new office in India

Published : 08th March, 2023 Los Angeles, California

Global Digital Analytics Consulting Firm Aloola Expands Presence in India

Aloola, a leading digital analytics consulting firm, announced the expansion of their India office. With this move, Aloola plans to bolster their data-driven approach for delivering superior analytics and insights to their customers to produce more efficient strategies and better results for them.

Aloola opened its new state-of-the-art office in Surat, India, and it will serve as a hub for the company’s technology, client services, and HR teams. Through this expansion, Aloola will be able to capitalize on the rising global demand for digital analytics and insights to provide its existing and potential clients with more comprehensive Digital Analytics services.

“We’re extremely thrilled to be expanding our presence in India and to be able to serve our clients on a global level,” said Nikhil Sojitra, Founder and CEO of Aloola. He conveys that this growth will provide Aloola the chance to access the rich talent base in the area and further added, “we are convinced that by establishing this new presence, we will be able to expand the quality of service provided to our customers and help equip them with the best data to allow them to thrive in the modern digital realm.”

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