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Analytics Enablement Partner Engagement with Moderna



Aloola has been working with Moderna as its analytics enablement partner for the past year. Speaking with Avil Dsouza, Associate Director of the Web Analytics Program at Moderna, he shared Moderna’s need to have a dedicated analytics partner who is nimble and quick to deliver. With Aloola’s help, Avil’s team has been successful in establishing an enterprise analytics architecture across 30+ websites, with more websites to come.

The Story of Moderna

Moderna set out to change the world and make mRNA medicines a reality for humanity. Since their founding in 2010, they have worked to build the industry’s leading mRNA technology platform. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Moderna’s name combines the words “modified” and “RNA”, which happens to contain the word “modern.” Moderna was one of the first companies to receive full approval for the COVID-19 vaccine in people 18 years of age or older in the U.S., and was instrumental in helping to slow the spread of the virus in 2020.

The Challenge of Setting up an Enterprise Analytics System

Moderna has many websites, all which need to be tagged and have analytics enabled on them for the team to be able to gain actionable insights. Avil’s team is tasked to tag these websites and enable analytics on them so that the teams within Moderna are able to review the data, create reports out of it and analyze the data.

Moderna has many websites, and being within the pharma industry which is fast paced and agile it’s important for them to gain actionable insights in a timely manner. Avil’s team is tasked with tagging and enabling analytics on these websites, so that stakeholders within Moderna are able to create reports and gain actionable insights.

They wanted to have a streamlined tracking system across all of their websites, and in order to achieve this, they had to set up an enterprise analytics system. That is what Aloola has done in their partnership for Moderna.


Moderna started off the year with a very minimal number of websites, but as the engagement progressed through the year, new sites started to come in unexpectedly and more responsibilities were added into Avil’s team. With the help of Aloola, his team has been able to tag and get analytics up and running on all of these sites and create its enterprise analytics architecture, increasing Moderna’s productivity and ensuring cohesion across the board.

“We would not have been able to churn out these mini tickets or these mini enablement projects in such a short time with the internal team that we have at Moderna right now. So with the help of Aloola we have definitely turned around projects in a matter of days. With the typical worker on we ask our stakeholder to give us at least two weeks to three weeks to four weeks to complete a project. But with the help of Aloola, there are projects which we have turned around in a couple of days.”

Now that Moderna has the architecture in place, they are working with Aloola to understand how to improve the process in the future by understanding new technologies that are available in the market, new ways of identifying the users, how to improve the tagging architecture, etc. Also, now that the foundation has been set up for Moderna, they are exploring ways to leverage their CDP to start to take actions based on the insights they’ve gained. Aloola is partnering with Moderna on this initiative as well.

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